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A healthy diet, consider These 3 things

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Diet does not mean starving yourself, this will mess up the body's metabolism. So if later on we don't do strict diet, will quickly go up her weight. The diet also does not mean we should not eat food favorites. According to Dr. Jenni, m. nutrition, SpGK, to reach a State of slim and healthy, it is worth noticing the 3J, namely the amount, type and schedule.

The total number of
Every individual has different calorie needs. This depends on the age, gender and physical activity. The number of calories that enter must be kept the same as the number of calories out. Excess intake of calories will cause obesity, while shortcomings would lead to underweight.

First, we know that fat is a cause of taro is causing us fat, but nowadays many people are scared of eating carbohydrates (especially white rice) with reason fear of fat. It is said the rice would stimulate spending on insulin who eventually form the body fat. But the consequence is that they will be looking for impingement by finding snacks that are high in calories, high in saturated fat and cholesterol. As a result not even add a thin but even being fat. Spending on insulin is a process which is normal so that glucose can be used by cells as energy.

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Actually carbohydrates are not fattening as long as we are able to regulate the type and amount of intake. Choose complex carbohydrates that contain a lot of fiber and low glycemic index, such as rice that are not cleaned, brown rice, wheat, tubers, grains, vegetables and fruit. Be careful with the consumption of bread, cakes and biscuits containing high sugar and fat.
Do not forget also the intake of protein. Choose low-fat protein, such as meat skinless chicken breast, fish, meat that has been dumped in fat, beans, tofu and tempeh.

Noteworthy is also the how to of processing. Use cooking tools that can "Save" the oil. Make it a habit to cultivate food by way of team, boiled, steamed, grilled and dipepes.

What about fat? Our bodies need fat remains in the process of according. Avoid the use of coconut oil, margarine and creamy coconut milk is excessive because they contain a lot of saturated fat. Becareful of wearing an unsaturated oil such as peanut oil, corn oil, olive oil and canola oil, because it will turn into saturated if cooked with high temperature and time and time again.

In general we need 55-65% carbohydrates, 15-20% protein and 25-30% fat.

Multiply eat vegetables and fruit because it contains many vitamins and minerals. Eat the fruit and not blended, because with fruit blended would raise blood sugar quickly, besides it will damage the natural content of fruits during the manufacturing process. Drinking enough water, at least 8 glasses of water a day. The water will help launch the metabolism of the body. When the body enough water fed the desire for snacking will be reduced.

Eat with small portions and often (3 times a great meal and snack times 2). Don't forget breakfast, because breakfast is an important moment of filling the energy needs to start activities in one day.

We still need dinner, but because at night we start less activity, then choose foods that are low in calories. Fill half of your plate with vegetables so as not hungry at night, a piece of fish grill, topped off with the fruit and not blended.

Beware of hidden calories, such as fruit juices which are sold, bread, biscuits, cakes, traditional markets, food sauces, for example, thousand island and mayonaise, the materials added during the cooking process, such as oil or butter.

Don't forget physical activity because it will keep your stamina and help the body burn excess fat. By doing diet and exercise, muscles can be maintained so that the discarded fat was only. Weight will go down with the stable (not the yoyo diet: where weight is going up quickly again).

So the 3 things you need to consider in order to run your healthy diet. Read also our article on healthy diet success Tips here.
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