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Slim Without Dieting

We often hear, if you want to slim down should reduce eating and exercising more. The thing is, this is easier said than done. Hunger due to the reduced meal intake and exercise too hard, often even trigger excess appetite, especially if you are not the type of person who is disciplined. To facilitate the efforts of slimming the body, without hunger and sweating, just follow this tricks how to slim without dieting.

1. change the size of the plate
It's time you replace dinner plates become smaller in size. Smaller plates can help curb your appetite. A scientific study published in 2005 in the Journal of Consumer Research proves that volunteers with a large bowl packed soup 73% more of the volunteers with the size of the bowl. This trend caused visual tricks that affect the brain. When the brain 'sees' a large plate with a lot of white areas around the food in the plate was, there is the assumption that you just take a little bit of food. If you use a different small plates without the fields are white. Even though the amount of food you take amounts to the same as that on the plate is white, the brain will perceive the food you put in small plates is already quite a lot. As a result, you eat less.

2. Eat at the Blue Plate
A study of 2012 performed by Dr. Brian Wansink and Koert van Ittersum, Dr. from Belgium found the color contrast between the food and dishes make you eat less. For example, spaghetti with marinara sauce on the plates converge red white, spaghetti portion size would appear to be greater than if it is served on a plate of red. It is important to remember, the contrast of color between a plate with food, the less likely you'll eat more. Suggestions: Select a plate is blue because this colour appears to contrast with the food.

3. Select a high Glass Slim
The size of the glass becomes important when dealing with a drink, especially if it's sweet as juice drinks and soda. People tend to pour a little into a tall glass of drink skinny than into short glasses and large diameter. A 2005 study found, the bartenders pour a little more alcohol into a sleek glass tall rather than wide.

4. Drink water before eating
Instead of drinking water during meals, try to drink before eating to limit energy intake. A 2008 study found participants who consumed less energy during meals after their first drink of water compared to those who did not drink water. There is a reduction of 13 percent of energy intake of food during breakfast for attendees. "This occurs because water effect satiety and contains zero calories," said one of the researchers, Professor Brenda Davy from Virginia Tech was quoted as saying by the BBC.

5. Chewing Gum
A study in 2007 found that chewing gum can suppress appetite and desire regular snacking appears in between meals. Select the gum sweets are low so as not to damage the teeth and you don't consume extra calories.
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