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Samsung Galaxy i Series: Pocket Friendly Smart phones

Since the dawn of cell phones, they have been undergoing quick and successful evolution. The latest development in this branch of electronics that has taken the world by storm is smart phone. In fact, so immense is its popularity, within a few years of the first smart phone hitting the market, telecom giants have strived to produce a smart phone for those with tighter purse strings. Of the many low-end smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy i series is a winner. One usually associates Samsung Galaxy with decided champions of smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S I and II or Samsung Galaxy Note, but the budget smart phones are not to be humbled. Their better than average specs and performance have attracted buyers from a wide spectrum of economy.

Samsung’s first Android phone, Galaxy i7500 is this lightweight, sleek smart phone that runs on Android 1.5 or Cupcake. The interface lags a bit and some apps, like music, freezes up every now and then. Although adorned with a 5 megapixel camera, it is missing a number of enhancement features which results in not-so-impressive photos. But if you overlook the think touch QWERTY keypad and memory card slot that is shacked up in the battery compartment and focus on the AMOLED display, compass enabled GPS and other such pros, this is the phone for a newbie in the smart phone world.

The Samsung Galaxy i5700, or commonly called Portal runs on Android 1.5 and 800 MHz processor which makes using it a breeze. The 3.2 camera is a good shot, but it takes a while to focus, so spur of the moment snaps don’t usually come out too well. The camera also falls short of taking well detailed photos. Instead of the usual 1400 mAh, Portal runs on a 1500 mAh, which gives your extended longevity of battery life in one charge. This phone serves well for most users but Android fanatics may shirk from using a 1.5 version phone.

The Samsung Galaxy i5500 Europa comes as cheap as $180 and gives a smooth performance for a phone running on Android 2.1. It has seven Home screens, waiting for you to colonize with chosen apps; you can even add more home screens if seven is not a number high enough for you. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, silent and vibration mode toggles can be easily accessed from anywhere by just pulling down the notification bar- a particularly handy touch if you are in the middle of something you can not close but need to connect anyway. The camera, at 2 megapixels and 320×240 res is not impressive, though. The screen being smaller than the high-end smart phones and the processor being slower than desired, the battery serves for long. All in all, a satisfying buy, despite some shortcomings.

Samsung Galaxy Apollo can be called a prequel to the S instalments of the Galaxy series. Although still friendly on the pocket, it tops all other Galaxy i series phones. Running on Android 2.1, it has a number of TouchWiz customizations that gives Galaxy S phones their winning touch experience. Even with 3.2 megapixels, it can be called a proper camera and its 1500 mAh battery gives the phone a long life.

Thus, for those with a stringent budget, any phone from the Samsung Galaxy i series is an ideal choice.
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